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First sorting

Our company is experienced to maximally revalue our raw materials for re-use and recycling.

The pre-sorting is made during the collection and unloading of the goods. Waste and rags are removed before the raw materials are automatically transported to the first sorting.

During the first sorting our trained and experienced staff decides whether the clothes are wearable and fashionable. This selection for re-use is based on product type. They separate trousers, shirts, household rummage, night clothing, shoes, etc.

The clothes that are not suited for re-use are also sorted for recycling during the first sorting.

Second sorting

The different streams, based on product type, from the first sorting are then automatically transferred to the second sorting. During this more profound second sorting, an even higher level and amount of product types is attained. This selection is also based on product quality. The first and second sorting results in about 200 different items available.

In addition to the standard 2 step sorting we can sort some items on request depending on specific market characteristics or specific customer needs.

To maintain the quality of our ‘Extra’ or ‘Crème’ items, these goods are not pressed, but packed in big bags.